Top Interesting Facts about Cost-Efficient Solar Pool Heating

With an effective solar pool heating you can enjoy an extended swimming season as well as also experience a reduction in utility bills. Solar heating for your home pool will help in utilizing a clean, green energy to enjoy an optimal heating solutions. You can keep your swimming pool’s water temperature comfortable all year round by using top quality solar heating systems that will ensure low operating costs.

Traditional heating systems are associated with high energy or fuel costs, for which many pool owners opt to turn them off for much of the year. This move can save the money, but will not offer you a pleasant swimming experience. In this case, relying on a high performance solar heating system for your swimming pool will prove to be inexpensive.

Please have a look at some of the interesting facts of solar heating systems for your swimming pool:

1. Affordable:

A durable solar heating systems for your pool are found to be affordable in comparison to its counterparts. Depending on the features, the cost of the heating system normally varies, which proves to be quite pocket-friendly. After making the purchase and installing the solar heating system, you will enjoy free heating solutions that will enhance your swimming experience as well as also will give a chance to enjoy a socialize with friends or family members.

2. Easy to Use:

If you are thinking that the solar heating system for your pool is difficult to use, then relax. The solar heating systems have great features such as user-friendly controls and worry-free operations, which makes it easy to use them and enjoy an optimum level of heating solutions.

solar-pool-heating3. High Performance:

In all over the world the solar pool heaters are quite popular and highly demanded for its high performance and cost-effectiveness. It is assumed that a high performance solar pool heater can make your pool about 10 degrees warmer when an outside temperature is believed to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Not Affect the Pool’s Aesthetics:

Using solar heating systems will not affect your pool’s aesthetics. Well designed and exclusive features of the solar heating systems will ensure a perfect pool heating that will attract you to take a plunge and enjoy a pleasing swimming experience.

solar-swimming-pool heating5. Good Functionality:

The high performance solar heating systems works in a convenient and effective way to heat your swimming pool’s water. You will get a chance to heat your swimming pool in an energy efficient way by using the solar heating systems and save money.

You will be able to enjoy the advantage of advanced solar pool heating solutions by relying on Solar Tubs. We specialize in providing top quality and per-engineered solar pool heating systems at the best price. By installing our solar heating system, you will enjoy a cost-effective pool heating solution that will help in saving on utility bills.

To know more about solar heating for your swimming pool, please contact us



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Know about the Performance of Solar Pool Heating System

Warm pool water gives an excellent retreat to tired body and mind. People can now enjoy it for an extended period without the risk of added utility bill and carbon emission. A large number of pool owners are now installing solar pool heating systems only to feel happy using their pool more often they like because free sun light is available to heat up the cold pool water to make it comfortable and relaxing for their swimming throughout the year.

The cost of pool heating may be high with use of any conventional pool heaters but now pool owners have the option of solar pool heating to enjoy a warm pool with the free and clear energy of the sun for a reasonable investment. With the availability of solar pool heating system in different sizes and prices, they can easily extend their swim season and save money on solar pool heating cost.

The operational mechanism of Solar pool heating is very simple. Pool water is pumped and travels through PVC pipes to ultimately reach and get heated with energy trapped in solar collectors – basically arranged either in a series of collector tubes (conventional strip solar systems for reliable heating) or versatile solar panels – that are placed on ground, rack or roof of the house. As the pool water keeps running through the solar collector it continues to get heated with the energy of sun. The already heated water then goes back to the pool through the open motor valve.

The heating performance of solar heating system can get controlled manually as well as automatically. Most of today’s systems have a digital controller to automatically review the temperature condition outside and direct water to the system installed on roof or ground . And, of course, this automatic control works on foggy and cloudy days – even though with reduced heating effect.

Solar pool heating ensures continuous warmth to the pool water beyond cold season, and allows users to extend their swim season into the spring fall and autumn effectively. Solar heating is a natural and eco-friendly way to heat up the pool water – be it is an outdoor, indoor or inground pool. Moreover, it won’t deplete the ozone layer with carbon emission, because it is non-polluting, has low operational cost and can help users earn attractive incentives and rebates for use of green energy.

What Factors Influence the Performance of Solar Pool Heating Systems?

The actual rise in pool water temperature will rely on several factors. The most important one among them is the size of the solar collector or its glazing area – otherwise, the m2/watt capacity of the solar collectors that indicates solar radiation power of the heating system to feed the pool. And other factors in the list are solar collector pitch, orientation, roof type on which the solar pool heater will be mounted and the amount of wind and shade affecting the pool.

You will have to consider all the above factors in order to get optimal performance from solar pool heating. The exact position and size of the solar collectors are needed to be calculated. Though roof is the commonly chosen place for mounting solar pool heating, you will have to pick up a location that gives the best sun exposure, tilt angle and orientation that are crucial for the solar pool heater’s performance. Solartubs is a solar products manufacturer dealing in different kinds of integrated solar pool heaters. You can work with its expert professionals and build a fully effective solar pool heating for your pool. For designing and developing a perfect solar pool heating system, Solartubs can be contacted at 1 -800 -317 -9054.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Buying Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating Systems: –

A solar water heater is one of the most effective ways of cutting off carbon footprint from a household by reducing reliance on fossil fuel usage. Offsetting the immense use of electricity, gas or heating oil, solar water heaters can offer financial savings by minimizing energy costs.

Earlier, solar heater installers simply looked for several component suppliers to combine together a solar water heating system. The main problem with this product is that there’s very minimal control in the end performance and sizing of the components in a proper way needed a skillful solar heater supplier to do the job efficiently.

But now Northern Lights solar water heating systems come up being pre-engineered and pre-sized for the application of users. There are so many benefits of buying these solar water heating packages; some of them are discussed below:

Top Benefits of Solar Water Heating Systems: –

Quick Installation Process: –

Northern Lights solar water heating systems include a quick installation process. This means, there’s no soldering or electrical work required. That’s the reason why these systems are other wisely known as Plug n Save systems.

Optimal Performance & Reliability: –

Northern Lights solar water heating systems are designed and sized perfectly to make sure maximum performance and reliability using customized simulation software.

Expanding Ability: –

All the systems are readily available to expandable to secondary heating applications like solar home heating and solar pool heating.

Safety: –

These systems are pre-engineered and use Zimlet high temperature solar expansion tanks. The tanks are manufactured in Italy and are specific to solar heating applications with high temp EPDM rubber bladders.

Cost Effective: –

These solar water heating products are affordably priced and the installation cost is approximately half of the cost of a traditional solar heating system.

Where Do You Buy Solar Water Heating Systems: –

Solar Tubs includes specialized selection of Northern Lights solar water heating systems; which have been designed using the latest, up-to-date customized simulation software being manufactured by a Swedish Engineer Company, VelaSolaris. Each of our solar water heating package is engineered in a virtual environment so that we will provide clients with result driven simulation as accurate as 5%. This implies, you will get both accurate ROI and performance guarantees from solar water heating systems on Northern Lights Solar Solutions. For more information about the solar water heater in detail, browse through our website today or feel free to contact online!

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Know 3 Popular Solar Water Heater Tanks Used in North American Climate

Solar water tanks suit all kinds of solar heating kits including solar pools heating, solar home heating, hot tubs and solar water heaters. They not just serve heat energy storage but also properly expand the solar water heating systems in any cold climate condition without using new equipments.

Solar water heaters need buffer tanks in the form of solar water storage tanks. When there is bright sunshine, the water in the solar water tanks get heated and retained for use later, most probably in the evening and night. Most of the solar water storage tanks include a heat exchange to efficiently keep apart the solar heating solution (Glycol/water) from the moving water and show great insulation capability to preserve the heat energy for days.

Let’s find out three popular kinds of solar water tanks used in solar water heaters of North America: 

  • Pre-Heat Solar Tanks

  • Solar Combo Electric Tanks

  • Dual Heat Exchanger Solar Tanks

The above three types of tanks are often found to be used in solar water heaters of North America. Each of them is based on a different heating mechanism to meet the demand for hot water in very cold climate condition of North America.

solar water heaters

Pre-Heat Solar Tanks – It is the most commonly used solar water heating tank in homes along with any existing electric, gas, oil or tank-less solar water heater. The primary job of this tank is to store the solar hot water which then enters into the principal tank with the opening of hot water faucets. There is large internal heat exchanger (14 ft2) available in this pre-heat tank to heat up the moving water preferably coming from ground or through the main line.

Solar Combo Tanks with Electric Backup – It is a combination of a pre-heat solar tank with an electric backup which suits exclusively designed solar water heaters. The solar combo tank is built with a 14 ft2 heat exchanger on its base and the medium 4.5 Kw electric heater element for back up. The hot water circulates through the piped solar loop and the internal heat exchanger to get heated continuously in the tank. The electric heater element in the top of tank will again add to its heating and take the water temperature to the desired point.

Dual Heat Exchanger Solar Tanks – It is the third kind of solar water tank which suits domestic solar water heaters and dual solar heating systems. It has both bottom and top heat exchanges without/with the electric heating element. Water in this tank gets heated in the bottom with the help of the bottom heat exchanger and rises up to flow in the upper heat exchanging loop. The hot water then carries its heat to a 2nd heating zone like a radiant floor heating system or to an air to water heat exchange design. This tank can be used for an old tank replacement or new tank installation.

If you need the right solar water tank for your North American pool heating systems, space heating systems or solar water heaters, SolarTubs can be shopped at. It can promptly deliver complete solar water heating kits with built in backup heating element and heat exchanger.



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Why you should Choose Environmentally Friendly Solar Water Heating System?

Normally, an environmentally friendly solar water heaters uses solar power to heat the water. These days most of the homeowners are relying solar water heaters to enjoy a clean and green energy solution for their home’s hot water needs.

The solar energy or power used in these types of heating systems is a renewable energy source that helps in reducing electricity bills and carbon footprints from the environment. It is true that compared to other sources of energy, we will never run out of solar energy. Some of the natural resources like gas and oil have been tapped so much that these are becoming to run low. We can also see that today energy prices are continuing to rise. In this case, solar water heaters will prove to be a great choice.

Top factors that inspires you to install solar water heaters or heating systems in your home:

#1- Cost Effective Solution:

By installing solar water heaters or heating systems, you will get a cost-effective solution. This type of solar heating system will prove to be a convenient way to harness solar power for heating the water for your home. The solar water heaters or heating systems are considered to be perfect in reducing operational costs and offer an effective performance.

#2- Reduction in Electricity Bill:

From a survey, it has been found that installing a solar water heater or heating system, normally lowers the water heating bills around 50%- 80%. By installing a well designed solar water heater or heating system, you can take the advantage of the sun’s free energy all year round. This will help you enjoy a great reduction in your utility bills.

#3- Eliminates Carbon Footprint:

Homeowners should be aware that by using solar water heaters or heating systems, you can save 300 gallons of fuel usage per year (for one home). This results in reducing the unnecessary pollution caused by traditional water heaters by preventing about 5000 lbs of CO2 emissions per year.

#4- Highly Durable and Needs Less Maintenance:

Having a simple design, the well built solar water heaters or heating systems requires a relatively low maintenance. You can simply opt for an annual inspection to ensure that the solar water heaters or heating systems are well maintained and in top running condition.

If you want to buy top quality solar water heating systems then Northern Lights Solutions will offer the best deals. You will get best priced deals on solar water heating kits at Northern Lights Solutions, which can be customized as per your requirement. We offer different types of solar water heating systems like pre-heat solar tank system, solar tank-less heaters, solar combo tank system and new compact solar water heaters.

Northern Lights Solutions is proud to be ranked as the world leaders in supplying and manufacturing top quality solar water eater and equipments for both residential and commercial purpose.

Please send us an email today at to get more information about eco-friendly and high performance solar water heaters or heating systems.

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Solar Pool Heaters – How to Get the Optimal Results?

It is economic and efficient to heat your swimming pool using solar energy. There are solar pool heaters consisting of the heat pump, filter and controller together with polyvinyl pipes that maintain the water flow. The pool water enters into the PVC pipeline after going through the filter and travels through a few flexible hoses or valves in the solar pool heating system design, which can be placed on the roof, ground or a hill with proper orientation and angle toward the sun for delivering optimal heat performance.

There is a manual diverter valve which can be closed to let pool water run through the solar collectors, heating up your pool water. And if you open this valve, then less amount of water circulates through the collectors, bringing down the pool water temperature. It is how you can control the amount of heat transferring into the swimming pool.

If you are a DIYer, everything from solar collectors to flexible hoses can be purchased from pool hot tub supply stores. You might need adaptors for the system design and fitting.


Below are some handy tips to operate the solar pool heaters for optimal results:

  • Keep the solar panels where it receives the maximum sunlight especially when the pump the working.

  • If the solar panels are positioned on the roof top, keep the water flow resistance minimized.

  • Protect the solar panels from the wind blow as far as possible.

  • For optimal pool heating results, keep the pump running during the brightest hours of the day time; running the pump longer will lead to accumulation of more heat energy in your pool.

  • If two or more solar PV panels are to be used in the solar pool heaters, then consider connecting them in series or parallel.

The basic rule of solar pool heaters design is to use a solar collector surface area which is half the size of your pool surface area. It may differ a little bit. Sizing the solar collector surface area is to be done after considering a number of things including:

  • The heat pump’s working time: The longer the time it works for, the more will be the heat collected in the swimming pool for the specific collector size.

  • The location of pool: If your pool is above the ground rather than in-ground, then the possibility of heat loss is higher. So, you require solar collectors with greater surface area to meet your pool heating needs.

  • Orientation of solar panels when the pump is operating: Find out how well your solar collector panels are oriented towards the sun. It will decide the potential for getting sunlight.

  • Shade: Avoid shade if you want the panels in your solar pool heater to function properly and deliver you the advantage of green energy. So, use a collector with large surface area.

  • Wind blow: If wind blows fast in your region, your solar pool heating collectors won’t work efficiently unless you apply glazing materials on them for better solar performance.

Heating your swimming pools might cost around $30,000. Without the option of solar pool heaters, your swimming season may get restricted to four months in a year. If you use a right pool heating system, then you can extend it to 8 months time. This indicates the significance or worth of solar pool heaters.

Pool heaters are necessary when pool owners want to make the most of their swimming pools. The right choice of solar pool heaters can help you keep your pool water comfortably warm for swimming in cold season while working in the most economical manner. Shopping your solar pool heaters from Solartubs will give the perfect pool heating solution on budget. It is one of the greatest suppliers of solar pool heating systems and accessories in the whole world. Check out its exclusive collection of solar heating products to start enjoying the advantage of financing and government tax rebates/incentives accessible in the global solar industry.


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How to Use Solar Water Heating Kits?

The pre-packaged solar water heating kits can be the most effective, simple and inexpensive way to start with your DIY solar project. They will come included with mounting kits and accessories to simplify and accelerate the process of installation. With their built-in features like heat exchanger and back up heating facility, you will be able to bring down your water heating expenses considerably, minimize your dependence on fossil fuel and keep the planet healthy as well.

These days, you can have amazing options in open loop/closed loop solar water heating kits, tankless water heaters, pre-heat solar tank system, Combo tank solar heating system and compact solar water heaters. Many of the solar pre-heat tanks are provided with heat exchangers, but only few of them are actually built for helping keep your water warm in North American climate and UL certified. However, Combo solar heating tanks are perfect for your domestic use or if your present water heating tank requires replacement.

All these solar water heating kits and systems can be mounted on the roof or ground, but their configuration and heating mechanism may vary from each other. So, you will have to check out their suitability for your climate and compatibility with your current present heating application.

How to use solar water heating kits

You can enjoy solar water heating with installation of pre-packaged solar water heating kits. These are comprehensive kits with everything included to set up and operate your solar heating system faster. If you are a DIYer, then the instruction manual of the kit can be referred to understand how to install and use it. And the kits supply you the items that you often need to complete your project.

Since the pre-packaged solar water heating kits supply you everything, including solar collectors, plumbing accessories, hoses, framing, glazing and more you will don’t have to spend for purchasing them individually. Rather, you will have to assemble them all in a box to experience the effect of a solar water heater.

When you go for pre-packaged solar heating kits, you will be provided with a manual containing step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run the solar water heater. It makes you learn how to successfully assemble the given matierlas for building a complete solar water heating kit for your domestic or commercial use.

Will Solar Water Heating Kits be Safe?

Solar water kits are absolutely safe. They don’t have any moving items and their water supply mechanism is same as that of electric or gas water heating systems. The beneficial aspect of these kits are the warranty on their supplied parts and their low cost of water heating which can be enjoyed even in the most freezing climate conditions of this world.

The solar water heating kits will use free solar energy rather than any fuel energy and cut down the rate of carbon emission to the environment.

All you have to do is to purchase the right kit and plumb the supplied parts properly, so that water heating will be on without any safety issue. They can be placed on the school, home, hospital, and government building for efficient water heating.

How Effective are the Solar Water Heating kits?

These kits vary in size and configuration. They may cost you something in between $600 to $18,000. But when you compare the state and federal energy incentives or the annual energy saving they bring, you can imagine how effective and quick they are in giving a payback.

Take a look at the varieties of solar water heating kits of Solar Tubs and choose the one that will be effective in reducing your energy bills. It has many options to save you energy cost, hassle and pollution.


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