Well Integrated Solar Pool Heating Systems for Optimal Energy Benefits

The technology of Solar pool heating can be adapted to extend the activity of seasonal swimming pools in Canada and Central/North USA. A well integrated and easy to install solar pool heating system can make the pools operational in extremely cold months. As gas and electric powered pool heaters are expensive to use, so it is necessary to find an inexpensive alternative for quick consideration. Solar pool heating systems can be looked upon as a great choice as they are getting popular for their energy saving feature and perfect heating ability.

1282928005Visio-GR-SHW-1A solar heating system utilizes renewable solar energy to generate heat energy. It is usually fitted with a heat exchanger to circulate heat in water efficiently but not directly through solar pool heating collectors. There is a computer controller and solar pool pump station in a heating system to keep moving heated water through the closed loop heating in effect. As a result, there is no chance of chlorinated or salt water coming in contact with the solar pool collectors and damaging it quickly. In fact, the small sized solar pump contributes to keep the solar heating loop working even when the temperature of the collectors is found to be more than that of water inside swimming pool. Again, the controller has multiple beneficial features like freeze resistance which keeps the pump operational even when the climate is too cold and there is a possibility of pool water getting frozen to reduce potential damage to the solar pool heating system. It also has night cooling facility to prevent the pool from getting too hot with a well functioning solar loop. Thus solar pool heaters are built with an option to control the level of temperature in order to let swimmers enjoy in all possible hours.1372302123sunarina

Be sure that Solar Tubs’ pool heaters can be integrated well with domestic water heating and solar space heating applications. You can expand and use them to cover all other popular areas of home heating. In fact, they can be paired with any solar space heating or residential hot water system to deliver optimal value of your heat investment. Now, you won’t have to shut down your swimming pool due to mounting energy cost in cold season. You need to integrate closed pool solar heating systems by Solar Tubs into your solar pool heating systems or solar space heating systems and enjoy getting warm bath experience all the year round.

If you want to use small circulation solar pump and place solar heating collectors high on roofs for perfect pool heating, order closed loop solar pool heating systems at Solar Tubs (www.solartubs.com/solar-pool-heating.html). We will deliver you solar pool heating systems for your residential and home heating pleasure.



About Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Northern Lights Solar Solutions is a world leader in providing pre-designed and pre-packaged solar water heaters for residential and commercial applications.
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